Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

okok, so maybe i will end my slack...i think i should since if i don't i have the feeling that it will continue until i get to school, and then if it does that it will probably continbue a bit too much longer since i'll be both, A) busy, and B) wanting to see people i haven't seen all summer. ok, so let's see what i remember... :::::::::

OK, friday i went to see the cell at 9:30 at the varsity, invited people to show and watch with me, later able to tell what their take on the film was. first i went to goodwill where i bought some vinyl:tickle tune typhoon, bill cosby, 10,000 maniacs rare album[peace train was taken off the album after cat stevens turned islamic and spoke against salman rushdie and his book stanic verses] jackson 5, and some other records i can't recall at the moment. also got some shirts and some pants as well as some cheesy old skool null black plastic sunglasses. adam, kim and jeff came to goodwill too, and when we were done looking and rummaging, we went back to adam's and sat around...talked and stuff...then carley came by, and kim took jeff and adam to places they needed to go. carley and i talked to bill for a bit, then left to head towards the movie-i to food then flik, carley to friends picking-up-ishness and then the flik. pat came with mark and ali, and carley came, but sat on the other side of the theater with her friends because they had already sat down and such. the twin peaks references in the movie made the night for me i think...i'm still cracking up over the fact that they threw "marezy doats" in as the song the serial killer was singing at points... : D but the film's visuals were great, and the plot was more than as good as it had to be in order for the visuals not to matter to make it a good movie. me, pat, mark and ali stood around for a while outside the theater, considering the movie and trying to see what people were doing, then all went to adam's. lots of people were there...adam with kyle and shelly, and carley came and kim and jeff were there, as well as bill. pat and crew left after a while because they were tired, and it ended up being just me adam, carley and bill, sitting around talking and bugging adam as he stubbornly tried to sleep on the couch while we were sitting there talking. : ) but iit's all good, we love him anyhow. *g*...me and carley left around 2:40 or something...and i borrowed bill's n64, to play zelda as i returned my n64 when i was done playing zelda, and i had the urge to messa bout with it. ; )

ok, saturday...hmm this might be more difficult. ok, i sat around for a while, messing about on the computer, cleaning my clothes out of my room and car so they could be washed as i realized i will be leaving VERY soon for school. as in thursday. damn. and me without my book done. : / anyhow....got word from adam that faith had called, and i cruised over there like i had talked to him about. heather and danny and leah were there to my surprise, and we decided to order pizza and watch a movie...after me and faith and adam went in heather's car to safeway to buy drinks and spark plugs, we came back, got the pizza finally, and then started the breakfast club. ok, we started it...then kim and jeff and bill showed up and we paused hte movie. it was on whats her name "the basketcase, and her elongated chin from the effect of the pause for about 45 minutes to an hour at least...people were talkin, hangin around and then when kim and jeff went to sleep, and danny and leah had left, we started the movie again, me, adam, faith, heather and bill. we watched a lot of it, poked fun at a good portion, and then when the heavy hitting scene came on where they all sit down and have the big confrontation we turned on the spanish subtitles for an even bigger laugh. well, i don't remember how to say anything, but most of it was pretty amusing. ; ) then after the flik ended everyone parted ways, and i returned home around 2:30 to sleep not until about 5:40 or something...

ok, so i woke this morning to my mom insisting i get up and asking me if i wanted some shells and cheese. i got up and ate cold cheese pasta while i checked my email and such. my dad got home from the golf tournament he was playing in this weekend, and i sort of slothed while he napped on the couch, and my family watched some thing on hbo about kids in poverty and the kinds of emotional traumas they go through when dealing with horrible situations most of us didn't have to grow up in. one of the people they were talking about was in seattle, and they filmed her son, whom she lost because she was a crack addicted prostitute, on the streets of seattle, skating with friends over some person's car and chilling by westlake, where a lot of homeless and street kids do tend to hang out. it was kind of strange, since i probably have seen him around, not necessarily having remembered for any reason, but just because i used to be around that area a lot during high school...walking around downtown seattle. but then again, i dealt with kids personally who had problems just as bad if not worse than this kid's as a tutor and at camp the past 3 years. ah well...anyhow...after this, my family had dinner at our neighbor jeff's house, where i ate pasta and fruit, because well, even though he made pasta for me...everything else, including the cabbage and onion soup had meat in it. and that's just the way things go when i eat with them...some times i've gone over there to only be able to eat fruit or something of the sort, so it was good of him to make pasta for me, and anyone making dinner for me is very appreciated...then me and my sister went to far far's to get ice cream. i have gotten to like being around my sister while i drive at least...i have her attention captive, and we tend to have good conversations, and i learn more about her when i drive her somewhere too, because i think it is a more comfortable situation, where we can sit and no one else can possibly be around, and we can just talk. we came home, i came up here and played zelda and irced and such some more. now i am about to go to bed, and trying to make adam go to bed also. ok, this is ridiculous. the mac udtae client just ran out of room. my goodness...so i am going to end this post since it can't handle any more on it's text screeen, and i hope all of this goes through, even though i can't see anything i'm typing any longer. ; ) goodnight : )

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