Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


going to the movie was great :)

not only was The Woman Chaser one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, but dinner was great, the food was awesome, the company was even better, [ : ) --great to see heather again finally, spend time with adam, and meet adrian and tiny], and i was in a great mood and loving being out and about a bit. plus driving is always a plus...i love it, so sometimes i just need a reason to drive, and so that's a bonus.

i've been thinking, since i'm about to go back to school, (and thinking is wont to happen when school approaches) I have wanted to have an art party for a long time. UNFORTUNATELY, I've never had the impression that enough people would be interested in such a thing. Heather talking about how she was disappointed that she didn't do anything creative like she had thought she might, reminded me of this plan. OH, maybe you're asking what an "art party" is. well...basically, in lieu of the typical things one finds at a party, at this "art party" there would be, instead, art supplies. however art supplies are expensive, so part of the party would have to be looking for both cheap materials[thrift stores, hardware stores etc] and going to a real art store to buy things. OK, so I STILL have no idea whether anyone would be interested in this. IF SO-
LET ME KNOW FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! A time will be planned based on who is interested, and when they would be ablle to do something like this. I'm thinking sunday, since it would allow all day, but i suppose people might already have plans for this weekend. anyhow, let me know if you are interested, if sunday would work or not, or when would, and how much time or money you would be willing to put into this. either reply on here, comments, etc...or email me directly at holyloki@deathsdoor.com and I'll post later when it will take place. I will probably be leaving sometime mid-week, so this might also be a good time to see me before i leave, (although i WILL be back for bumbershoot, all four days) and see a bunch of other people...and OHHH...don't forget a great opportunity to get together and make all us artsy and non-artsy people make crafts, or if you are moreso inclined to call them something more...well...avante garde[hehe]...art. anyhow, hope there is some interest in this. if it doesn't work out this time, don't give up hope! i will try to plan something like this over my winter break, which is almost a month long. ok, this is a bit too much info at once, so i'll stop now, but...i hope there is a good response, whether sunday works for you or not, [just having an idea of who, and how many people, might be interested in such a thing would be helpful, and help on planning something later] and start your engines Vand Go!gh...

oh man, i just ruined the whole thing with a terrible pun...damnit damnit damnit. ; )

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